Program Support

Standing ready to support any aviation or shipboard program, whether it is a new acquisition program or an active program of record, AVMAC has the practical experience in this arena to meet warfighters’ expectations. We can support government service (Army/Navy/Marine Corps/Air Force/Coast Guard) needs to the contractor to ensure quality and fully integrated products at delivery. Conversely, we articulate contractor visions to the services ensuring products and deliverables are beneficial to all. Bringing views from the deckplate, AVMAC’s practical fleet experience and location at the fleet and service hub of Hampton Roads Virginia, lends itself to customer interaction and representation. Services include:

  • Meeting facilitation and coordination
  • ILS Team facilitation and participation
  • Risk Management Boards facilitation and participation
  • Strategic reviews
  • Milestone coordination
  • Developing Navy Mission Essential Tasks (NMETs) and Navy Task Analysis (NTA) criteria