Consulting Service

Shipboard/Aviation Integration
Our team will provide your program, group or team superb support in aviation maintenance, logistic and shipboard integration analysis. Some key focus areas include:

Process Improvement
AVMAC has extensive experience in making business practices more efficient and cost effective. Examples of products include:

  • Strategic planning and work flow analysis
  • Lean production and manufacturing development and review
  • Culture assessment facilitation and analysis
  • Lean Six Sigma implementation, training and facilitation

Design Review
With many years of aviation and shipboard facility management, which included extensive design and requirement reviews AVMAC can evaluate and review the following:

  • Maintenance and logistic space configuration
  • Future and existing site plans
  • Design and engineering analysis products
  • Developmental and operational testing and evaluation program support

Risk Management

  • Analyze and measure project and task risks
  • Provide and recommend risk mitigation strategies
  • Analyze and provide residual risk management plans
  • Operational and Acquisition Risk Management product development. See more: Risk Management