AVMAC is committed to supporting Warfare Centers and Virtual SYSCOM partners by leveraging over 90 years of fleet experience in aviation and ship acquisitions, logistics support services and safety program initiatives. AVMAC will deliver cost savings through continuous process improvement and using the best practices in use in business and the military today. We combine a Navy-wide perspective of Warfare Center missions and requirements with dedicated support services attuned to the specific needs of individual customers. AVMAC includes veteran experienced personnel, current tools, and proven processes in catering to a variety of needs within the Department of Defense.

AVMAC will provide a mix of complementary skills, extensive and relevant experience to support any Task Order (TO) and will seamlessly integrate these skilled and experience personnel in to the customer’s workforce. The contractor’s proven performance while in uniform affords the Government strong assurances that all TO requirements will be met on time, within budget, and with unparalleled quality. AVMAC’s Naval Aviation subject matter experts have the skills and experience that will be applied to each customer’s task requirements and essential support activities. The contractor will provide end-to-end phase-in and phase-out support for all TO related activities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Thorough and concise planning for any phase-in/out period
  • Executing proven processes and procedures to produce high quality technical consulting and support services
  • Providing superb quality control and continuous process improvement tools to ensure desired results
  • Attaining positive budget and schedule performance
  • Meeting and exceeding supported objectives and goals of the customer
  • Providing transparent, timely, informative reports that contain thorough recommendations

AVMAC personnel are proficient in developing and implementing program plans, milestone schedules, cost projections, and related technical, programmatic, process and management products associated with Naval Aviation maintenance, training, safety and risk management, and logistics. AVMAC can rapidly provide resources and personnel to provide program and support services for work throughout the United States. AVMAC intends to provide employment for experienced Veterans, with an emphasis on hiring capable experienced disabled veterans, such as the owners themselves.


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