Chief Executive Officer

Roberto “Bert” Ortiz
President and CEO

Bert Ortiz is the founder and co-owner of AVMAC LLC. Bert is a 31 year Naval veteran and senior aviation management professional and maintenance officer with direct technical and management experience on a variety of fixed, tilt and rotary winged military aircraft platforms. Bert has served in many unique and diverse positions throughout his career. He has supported and led aviation and shipboard maintenance and sustainment programs at both the unit level and flag staffs. He has also supervised and led safety assessments of Navy and Marine Corps squadrons world-wide and has been actively involved in Acquisition Category (ACAT) I/II and III programs as a fleet representative. Integrating logistics, managing aviation requirements, and assessing new technologies for future employment are his passion. His goal in forming AVMAC is for the company to be an industry leader of aviation and shipboard management and technical support services, enabling AVMAC and its employees to be a quality, force multiplying provider of choice for all of our current and future customers.