On-Site Installation Coordinator

Norfolk, VA


AVMAC’s CNSL On-Site Installation Coordinator (OSIC) will provide oversight of the Alteration Installation Team (AIT) during each installation, particularly for key/critical milestones and events, as directed by Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division – Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station (NSWCCD-SSES) in assigned geographical areas.

Reports to: Director of Shipboard Integration


AVMAC’s On-Site Installation Coordinator (OSIC) shall possess the requisite skills to perform all functions cited above. Additionally, our OSIC employee will perform the following as required:

  • Maintains an on-site presence as dictated by the scope of work.
  • Be knowledgeable and responsible for AIT adherence to all invoked requirements including safety, environmental, workmanship, quality, technical instructions and any NSA/LRMA MOA in effect with the NSA, LMA and AIT Manager.
  • Ensure adherence to control and protection of unclassified and classified information.
  • Ensure AIT provides weekly updated POA&Ms providing the current status, timeframes and projected progress and the AIT POA&M Scheduling guide.
  • Act as the primary POC for all matters regarding the AIT installation. Resolve AIT issues, particularly those relating to a stop work order.
  • Assist in coordinating work by other activities for associated or conjunctive alterations, including the coordination of test/certification plans.
  • Ensures AIT is maintaining a QA workbook on-site during the installation.
  • Ensure all requested AIT support services required for the installation have been provided. Ensure AIT support services are coordinated and tracked. Mediate any discrepancies regarding AIT support in a timely fashion. Report any discrepancies to appropriate parties.
  • Ensure all parties involved are informed of all Stage and SOVT Testing status. Provide a complete set of test reports to Ship’s Force, Project Engineers and Repair Maintenance activities at the completion of the alteration/SC testing. Forward certification test results to appropriate parties.
  • Participates in Daily Production and Weekly Progress Meetings to provide updated progress on installations and changes to production schedule.
  • Responsible for verifying AIT accomplishment of Inspection (I) and Verification (V) check points and for conducting. Ensure all parties are notified when scheduling or conducting IV checkpoints IAW applicable directives. Receive notifications of and take appropriate corrective action for any AIT QA deficiencies from Ship’s Force, Project Engineers and Repair Maintenance activities.
  • Ensure AIT is maintaining red-lined mark-ups of all drawings that they are funded to execute and documents all approved changes are made during the installation. Provide red line drawings in support of tag-out boundary shifts during the installation to the tag out and work control group.
  • Conduct final walk-through with the ship and obtain signatures on the Alteration/SC Completion Report (ACR).
  • Ensure the AIT is following its QMS procedures, quality inspection and test plan, applicable safety and environmental compliance requirements, and technical instructions.
  • Ensure the QMS, applicable work instructions/procedures, including contractually related procedures requiring acceptance, evidence of required personnel training/qualification, and evidence of required procedure approval/qualification are available upon request.


  • Maintain tool accountability of assigned and company related tools.
  • Possess a thorough understanding of all Safety, FOD, HAZMAT/ HAZWASTE, NAVOSH procedures related to work assigned.
  • Enforce all company programs and directives as required to ensure safe and efficient maintenance operations.
  • Possess the ability to manage multiple jobs in the support of daily maintenance actions, managing all aspects of local company and command policies and administrative processing as set forth for safe and efficient maintenance procedures.
  • Coordinate with and work in support of respective ship’s force personnel, possessing and applying relevant skills and knowledge in support of all aspects of the coating process.
  • Act as a liaison between ship’s force personnel to ensure continuity and mutual support and that the maintenance effort is a coordinated process.
  • Coordinate, schedule, and support all required maintenance actions with AVMAC LLC Director of Ship Integration
  • Work independently with minimal direction.
  • Receive and route communications to AVMAC LLC personnel as required.
  • Travel and support all AVMAC LLC maintenance operations as directed.
  • Comply with policies and procedures as set forth in the corporation’s Handbook of Policy and Procedure, and Quality Control Plan.
  • Work, cooperate and communicate, as directed by the Director of Ship Integration, with other supervisors, team leaders, and coworkers satisfactorily.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Ship Integration.


This position requires moderate physical functions. Work may require frequent bending, reaching and climbing. May occasionally lift and carry items weighing up to fifty pounds and occasionally lift heavier items with the assistance of other workers. Work may be performed on top or under equipment in cramped or awkward positions. May be required to climb ladders, operate from heights, walk or crawl in the dark along narrow and uneven surfaces. May be required to work in industrial areas that are noisy and dusty. May be exposed to moderate discomforts, such as heat, cold and wind. May be required to wear personal protective equipment, when applicable.

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