Bert Ortiz and Don Buzard have both published aviation maintenance related articles with the intent to share wisdom and insight gained operating in diverse aviation maintenance environments. The articles published below in the Naval Safety Center’s APPROACH and MECH periodicals aimed to heighten safety awareness and minimize risks while optimally performing to ones fullest capability both afloat and ashore.

The Maintenance Team –
A MO’s Perspective

As the maintenance department goes, so goes the squadron.” Sound familiar? If not, ask yourself a couple questions. Is your squadron struggling to keep aircraft up to meet commitments? Are the same old gripes commonplace?

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Collateral Duty Inspectors (CDIs):
A Maintenance Officer’s Perspective

Have you ever heard a second class petty officer say, “I don’t feel comfortable becoming a CDI,” or “I’ve only been in the community a year, so I’m not ready yet.” Many other reasons exist for not willingly accepting the additional responsibility of a more senior petty officer.

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